Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March 2017

Let's just start off this post with how I've been feeling lately...
sick. tired. lazy. Woe is me. I haven't felt like my normal self for the past two weeks due to sickness. I know I'll start feeling better eventually (thank goodness) but until then, I am a crumpled version of myself. I packed my girls up and sent them with their awesome Grammie today because they deserve more than what I can offer them right now. My poor family! Sigh. This too shall pass...

FYI This post is going to run backwards from the end of March to the beginning because that's the way the pictures downloaded and I'm too grumpy to switch them around.

London is such a good little mommy! She even ran back to get the diaper cream. haha!

Lottie gave a talk in church and did such a great job! She is pretty confident in front of a crowd and I'm always so proud of her.

 Butler grandkids! We took a quick trip to Utah to visit my family. Loved every second of it even though it went by too fast!

While we were there Charlotte got in trouble and Muffy came to the rescue. This scene melted my heart. Muffy is such a sweet dog.

Lottie begged me to let her wear one leg warmer to dance class... "Please Mom, it's so cool!" She's getting so old - when did she start caring what was cool?!

Scary picture of me! haha Ever since Aunt Jessie introduced London to snapchat, London has been obsessed with selfies. I'm not surprised, she is the trendiest two year old I know!

The beginning of March was so nice and warm! We ate outside every night. It was lovely.

Lottie snagged the first catch of the year! She was half excited, half terrified.

With all the snow gone, and the temperatures rising, it started to really feel like spring!

The Daddy-Daughter dance was a real hit! I got roped into teaching the line-dancing last minute and it went pretty well. Even though I was helping with all of the festivities, I tried my best to hang out in the background and let Troy and Charlotte enjoy their date. I couldn't help but steal a couple pics though ;)

Lottie is quite the popular girl these days and gets invited to lots of playdates. It's nice that the weather is turning and we can walk/skip to her friend's houses.

 The day after London turned two I found her passed out in the doll crib. Someone was in denial, I think. So funny! 

Ahhh... so much better.

We tried to get a picture of the girls with Brandon... this was the best one we got. Haha! Nailed it.

Amanda and Sean stopped by on their way home from Oregon.

We took lots of muddy walks :)

Troy and I went to the Idaho Outdoor Show for a date. It was crazy! I loved all the trailers. Troy loved all the hunting/fishing gear. We toured a semi truck trailer thing that cost more than our house!! And I've never heard troy called "son" so many times. haha

I've always thought London looked like a real-life Snow White.

And that was our March :)

Thursday, March 9, 2017

London's Birthday

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May.
Because of my girl :)

I can't imagine my life without this gorgeous, hip, little thing. I love her lip purses, break dance moves, and passion for fashion. I love that she is a cuddler. I love that she is the apple of her daddy's eye, those two have a special connection. I love that she shares everything. I love that the way she says "sorry" is "I love you" and I love those beautiful beautiful beautiful eyes.

Happy birthday sweet London Brielle.

London's birthday display! A special tradition in our house.

We had a hip hop party because there is nothing London loves more than a good beat and dropping some sweet moves.

 Birthday dinner = Cheese pizza from Papa Murphy's and pop. No salad, no sides, no "ewie" toppings, just bread and cheese :) London was in HEAVEN.

We were lucky to get Kennedy, Vanessa, and little B. up here for a couple of days to celebrate London. We are pretty serious about this arranged marriage people. Haha!

After dinner the guests started arriving!

 We tried to get a picture with all the kids, but B. wasn't having it!

And AJ had a hard time letting go of his brother's head.

C'est la vie.

Great Grandpa and Grandma came too!

Time to open presents!!

From the cousins...

From Charlotte...

From Grammie Tami and Grandpa Jay...

From Mom and Dad...

Troy and I give our babies a picture of Christ on their 2nd birthday. We think it's the perfect age because they are sincerely excited to get a picture of Jesus. I have this crazy dream that when my children leave our house with their picture, they will feel like they're taking a little piece of home with them. I fell absolutely in love with the painting we picked for London. It is called "Lead, Kindly Light" and I think it has such a profound yet simple meaning.

Time for CAAAKE!


But don't forget the dancing!

After everyone had left we got in our jammies and watched Moana :)

Oh how we love you London! Happy second birthday my sweet!