Thursday, April 12, 2018

March 2018

When spring finally rolls around, Troy and the girls start fishing. They go almost every evening.
Lottie gets the first catch of the year again!

This pretty much sums up how I feel about laundry.

Charlotte's elementary school had a STEM night. It was really fun for everyone!

I loved all the girls that were representing their STEM clubs. Charlotte had stars in her eyes while talking to them.

From insta...
This is the “little blue thing” and it’s magical. London found it a few days ago and has been obsessed with her little treasure ever since. Unfortunately it got lost at some point today. Lots and lots of tears at bedtime when she realized it was missing. I knew there wasn’t a chance that I was going to find it but you mamas know how heartbreaking it is when your child loses a beloved something. I had to try! And SOMEHOW I found it. In the couch!!! #how ??? I couldn’t believe it, you guys! So glad I could make those super sad tears go away for the night... because it’s only a matter of time before the “little blue thing” disappears again. 

Holly is getting so big! Look at those chunky thighs! I want to eat her most of the time.

Sleep deprivation.

Dr. Seuss Day at Kindergarten!

Run wild, my child.
(camping in the backyard)

Wouldn't you just die for those lashes?!
 p.s. London puts herself down for naps all of the time. Usually it's after I find her doing something naughty and before I dish out the punishment. "London, did you steal the graham crackers from the pantry and eat the entire pack?" "Uhhhh. I tired mama, I go to bed."

Troy and I celebrated our engagement anniversary on March 16th. Yeah, we do that. haha!

The Pocatello cousins came to stay with Grammie for a week so we had fun playing with them. 

We discovered that Charlotte is taller than her cousin, K.

I had a very random photo shoot with Belle on St. Patty's day. She's such a good dog.

And then the next day my neighbor texted me some pictures of her too! How about that?

Lottie lost her tooth on St. Patty's Day at Grammie's house. I wasn't even there at the time! It made me kind of sad but not for long because her happiness over the whole situation was contagious.

Lottie writes family and friends little love notes often. I found this one on my pillow in March.

Holly learned how to roll over!

She also distracted me in the month of March. She's just too dang cute, you guys!

London's hair (that I have been begging Troy to let me cut) magically filled out in March. It's beautiful, thick and full. I'm so glad I didn't cut it!

Charlotte on the other hand... JK! These pics were right before spring break when we were frantically trying to finish up procrastinated homework before the bus showed up. Man, did we need a spring break!

 Charlotte had her last piano recital of the season. She did great! And looked beautiful.

We are so grateful for Aunt Kimi. She is a wonderful teacher!

On March 25th we woke up to this...

Thankfully it was gone by the next day.

We searched and searched for a dining room table last month. I went back and forth on what I wanted (I love round tables but it would be a little awkward with the space we have). I kind of freaked out about it one night and Troy showed me this picture. I was like, oh yeah, I forgot about that. This picture was my original inspiration for the dining room and I love it. I'm posting it as a reminder to myself.

Our baby nephew S. was born at the end of March and he is the sweetest, chubbiest newborn I've ever seen with a full head of dark hair. I loved him the moment I saw him!

Battles, Balance, Battlestar Galactica


She just lied. It's all over her six year old, chubby cheek face. I hate being lied to. Most people do I suppose. It's even worse though, because she didn't lie to me, she lied to her aunt. About a cookie. The bells are going off in my head, "WARNING! WARNING! Do something or else your daughter is going to turn into a pathological liar and her life will be ruined!"

I look at her and say, "Is this really your first cookie?"

She stares back into my eyes... and nods her head.

I try to deepen my stare, "Don't lie to me. Are you sure that you didn't have a cookie before this?"

She kinda looks around and squeeks out, "I didn't."

"Come here, " I say.

I wrap my arm around her waist and give her a long (super weird) speech about how lying is not okay and she better tell the truth or else blah blah blah. I was speaking in circles and I think it confused the heck out of her.

She finally admits that this is her second cookie. I take the cookie away.


That scenario happened last week and I've been thinking about it alot. Did I do the right thing? I know, I know, she's only six. But what if I don't nip it in the bud? Will she turn into a lying teenager who steals people's cookies?!!! I'm kidding, but you know what I mean.

I know that I'm a young mom with young kids, however, you cannot convince me that the things I do today won't affect the future. Dr. Phil lectures parents all of the time that they should have started fighting the battle when the kid was two years old, not seventeen. I totally agree with that wisdom. My issue is that there are a LOT of battles to take on at my house and I have a hard time choosing which ones to focus on. Ha! I jokingly told my husband that the part of the brain that helps you choose your battles wisely is missing from my head. I choose every battle. They are all equally important to me. My endless lecturing is starting to fall on deaf ears. My little troops are exhausted. I'm spread thin. Sometimes it feels like we are loosing the war.

I randomly took some time to snuggle with Charlotte this morning. We read a big book of poems together. I soaked up her laugh, squeezed her tight, and kissed the top of her cute little head as we read through the silly rhymes. "This." I thought, "We need more of this."


I had a friend who recently said, "Balance is kind of like a unicorn. It sounds really cool and wonderful, but it doesn't exist." Hahaha! And yet, that inexistant unicorn is the answer to everything. The truth is though, your life doesn't have to be perfectly "balanced" to enjoy the benefits of "balance". Just like you don't have to be a professional body builder to enjoy the benefits of a good workout. I think balance is the same. The trick is to pick up where you left off and not let your imperfections keep you from trying.

Real life example: this spring break was allllll about spring cleaning at our house. I spent a lot of time following my kids around and lecturing them about the importance of deep cleaning, airing out the house, and working together as a family. I didn't leave a lot of room for praise or fun snuggles on the couch. So this weekend I need loosen my grip on the to-do list and just have some fun with my people. Maybe your spring break was the opposite and now it's time for your family to get to work. Or maybe you're awesome and your days are always the perfect balance of hard work, fun, and relaxation. If that's the case, then girl, can we hang out?

Sooo to wrap things up... I still don't know how I am going to pick my battles but I do know that balance is important. At the very least it is something to strive for. I also think our new family motto will help me alot but I'll have to tell you more about that later.

I thought it would be good to hop on the blog and do a quick post to help me sort out my thoughts and it was very helpful. :) But now Baby Holly is crying and London keeps sneaking on the TV so it's back to the battlefield I go. jk ;)

Thanks for reading, friends. You are all so wonderful and I would love your advice if you feel like you have any.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Valentine's Day

When I lived in West Valley, I came up with the idea to leave a "secret" valentine on the kids' doors each night before Valentine's Day. It has now become a February tradition and I do it every year.

  This year, I found some Valentines of my very own! I might make a million mistakes, question my parenting daily, and I definitely don’t have all the answers... but somehow my babies are turning out okay. This was so kind and thoughtful of Charlotte. It brought tears to my eyes. I’m so proud of her!!!

Holidays are allllll about the food around here. We started Valentine's Day off with fresh made cinnamon rolls and, of course, chocolate!!

I decked the girls out in pink and red. They were so cute!

We had a delicious Valentine's Day dinner.

After the Italian sodas were gone, the girls didn't eat a bite. We had buffalo chicken pizza and it was not exactly a hit with the little ones. Haha! But Troy loved the pizza and he's my real valentine ;)

Why I never get Valentine's Day flowers:
On our first Valentine’s Day together, Troy showed up at my door with a HUGE bouquet of flowers. I told him they were beautiful but never to waste money on Valentine’s Day flowers again. I was the sweetest girlfriend. So gracious. Ha! I explained to him that I would much rather have lots of little bouquets throughout the year than one big one on Valentine's Day. Well, he took my request to heart. I don't think that I’ve ever gone a month without fresh flowers from Troy. Lots of times they are just simple $10 bouquets from the grocery store but, man, they mean the world to me.
My pre-Valentine's Day bouquet ;)